HOME PAGE: Here is what you need to know about Candida nail fungus:

The 3 Ways to Restore nails are: Internally with the pH7 Diet combined with Neem capsules, complete removal with DMSO-Ki and then promote healing with the Manuka Healer. Manuka can best be described as "amazing!"

Nail fungus known as Can'dida has been linked to:
     Toe and fingernail fungus, athletes foot, shoe odor, bad breath, sugar cravings, tumors, cyst, digestion problems, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, joint pains, headache, insomnia, depression and rashes.
     We all have Candida in our body but close to 80 million people have a low immunity to it and a high acidic body. That is about 25 % of the US population. Why does it thrive and how can we control it?

    1. If you feel pain, have any signs of yellowing nails, thick growth and deforming or even white streaks going back into the nail bed, there is a good chance it is fungus. Fast treatment is the best. Do not let it grow.
    2. You may never have to resort to surgery or damaging internal medications. This (yeast-like) fungus can be found everywhere - not just in wet damp areas. It would take 100 of them to equal the width of a red blood cell.
    3. It can be treated but DO NOT believe any product that claims a cure. If you get it once - you can get it again. There are many products that can kill fungus but will they get under the nails to get to the source? How can this relentless affliction be removed and brought under control? Will your nails grow back out? What works?

  The solution to your fungus problems has already been manufactured in nature.
May you also enjoy good health.

               Our Purpose:
Many times the simplest things work the best. However, because there is little profit and no way to make them into a prescription, it is often difficult to find, purchase or make them. It is our goal to make available to you the things that work. 
This site is not a substitute for professional medical treatment. We encourage everyone to research or seek advice from their health provider. Our products are not intended to cure, diagnose or prevent disease. Our text is based on trial usage only.

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